It may require some patience maintaining super high tone hair color, but it’s definitely worth the effort once we experience the joy of having it!

This model wanted to go about level 13 super light pearl ash from her  level 6 previously colored hair.

Before the process


After the 1st bleach application with 30 vol. peroxide for 30 min.


The residue of brassy orange pigment is still present

After the second application


The hair for even lighter, and ready for the hair color.


Using Hoyu pigment demi color, We were able to achieve the beautiful violet pearl ash!

The model was happy with the outcome!

Stay tuned for our next hair color challenge!!



We are finally back to work!
We still keep all the equipments , tools , towels capes and furnitures clean and sanitized.

Hiromi works Tues to Sat , some Sun by appointments. Kay works Thurs to Sat .
Let us know your schedule!
Hope see you soon💕💕💕

P.S Lynda and Richard are not working anymore since their health problem. ☘️






We were doing just good to sanitize all doors, chairs , equipments,tools and floors.

We have enough air space for just one customer and one stylist in 800sf.

We tried to make appointments as small as possible to make enough room to clean the furnitures and tools.

All the capes and towels are one time use and go to laundry.
Stylists and customers wear masks all the time .

But we are very disappointed that state’s order.
We hope and hope and hope we can go back to work anytime soon! They should separate LA county to east,west,south and north.
Our city is just good and small ! We are very serious about protecting from COVID-19.😭


We are happy to announce that we are finally reopening our salon on May 30th , Saturday. Thank you for waiting ! It’s been 10weeks !  Before making an appointment, we ask that you take a look at our new safety guideline to ensure the safety of our clients and our staff! Your safety is our priority.

  1. Please wash your hands before arriving.
  2. Please wear a mask when you come in.
  3.  If you are showing any symptoms such as coughing or a fever, please reschedule your appointment.
  4. During this time we will not be serving beverages or magazines. You can bring your own beverage/reading materials.

These orders will be removed as soon as we are given the green light from the health officials.  Stay safe 😊💕🙏







Dear our clients and community,

Vivihair will be closed due to California’s mandated order “ stay at home “ amid the Coronavirus outbreak.
Until further notice, we will be monitoring and adjusting our plans of opening operations accordingly. We look forward to welcoming you back into the salon as circumstances improve.
Stay safe and see you soon !


One of the Japanese custom is to celebrate the child’s birth of 20 years every 2nd Mon of January. Girls wear Furisode with Obi and hairdo. Boys wear suits or Hakama for special day.

Mrs. Kawada, who is a specialist in dressing kimonos, dressed them nicely for the whole family and we did their hair. Thank you for sharing a lovely time !




We’re promoting a haircolor service by stylist Mina!

•Color service with bleaching process
Regular price $200-250 goes down to around ~$150~ (depends on length and service)

•She’ll have a free consultation with you. Please feel free to ask her for more information!



At&t has been disconnected our line 4 times this year by any reason. It’s been troubled for our clients and payments . Sorry all the people who called but no answer . We are no longer (626)446-5241 .

We keep (626)617-3910.

Thank you !





We are sorry that our salon phone hasn’t working since Thur afternoon. We are expecting to fix it today .

This is another tel number for your convinience.  (626)617-7767

Thank you all !!!




We will close on 12/25  and 1/1~1/3 for New Years.

Hiromi will be working on 12/26(Mon) and return on 1/4/2017 !

Hope everyone has a safe & happy holidays !

We all love you !!!

Instructor: Yo Takizawa

He was at Vidal Sassoon in London . Now he owened salon in Ginza and Ebisu .

He goes all area to giving his theory of Headspa and hair cutting class.

Date :11/6/Sun 11/7(mon)

Fee $50

Contact to Hiromi (626)617-7767

*Head Spa Class will be given depend on atendee.

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